legal-help-for-car-accidents legal-help-for-car-accidents


More than 2 million car accidents occur in the United States every year. In these people are injured and their vehicles are seriously damaged or destroyed. After a car accident, it is not uncommon for the person who is not at fault to incur extensive medical bills and other expenses, lose time from work, suffer long-term disability, and major lifestyle and family-life changes. Sadly, these victims are often left attempting to handle all of these costs and changes at once – with no help from the person who caused the accident in the first place. When someone causes a car crash and your injury or illness, the law entitles you to take legal action against them – however, what you are actually doing is bringing a claim through their insurance company.

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legal-advice-for-death-cases legal-advice-for-death-cases

Legal Advice for Death Cases

When an accident caused by an at-fault third party causes the death of a loved one, families are suddenly faced with traumatic changes in their lives. They are forced to cope with their loved one’s passing and the long-term effects of losing the loved one’s companionship and support. At the same time, their new financial strains and changes in family dynamics that can be painful and difficult to deal with – especially when the at-fault third-party refuses to accept responsibility. Families forced into the situation where a loved one is wrongfully killed by the fault of another may choose to pursue legal action against the negligent party so that justice may be achieved.

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law-help-and-advice-for-truck-and-18-wheeler-accidents law-help-and-advice-for-truck-and-18-wheeler-accidents

Law help and advice for Truck and 18-Wheeler Accidents

Accidents involving larger 18-wheeler and work trucks can result in devastating injuries and even death. Victims of 18 wheeler accidents and work truck accidents may face life-threatening health problems, require costly medical treatment, and ultimately suffer long term disability. At the Nech Law Firm we are experienced personal injury attorneys who have over 13 years of experience filing lawsuits against the 18-wheeler and trucking companies to obtain financial compensation for victims of big truck accidents. To learn more, contact us by calling or texting 713-936-9496 for a free consultation. You can also use the below form and someone from the team will contact you as soon as possible!

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legal-help-for-overtime-pay-or-claims-flsa legal-help-for-overtime-pay-or-claims-flsa

Legal help for Overtime Pay or Claims (FLSA)

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) protects an employee’s rights in the United States. The FLSA establishes a minimum wage, guarantees overtime pay in certain types of jobs, and set standards for employee pay. The Nech Law Firm represents employees against employers to enforce the FLSA through individual and class action lawsuits. The Nech Law Firm represents individuals against large and small businesses from simple overtime pay claims to complex class actions including sexual harassment, retaliation and discrimination on the basis of sex, age, disability or race, arbitration, wage and hour disputes, unemployment claims and contracts.

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