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Hi. My name is Nichole Nech and I am the founder of The Nech Law Firm. We have over 16 years’ experience representing people in Houston and surrounding counties.  I started out working for a big insurance company defending other insurance companies against personal injury claimants.  During the five years I worked for the insurance company, I gained a lot of insight into what insurance companies do to try to stop or limit a person’s personal injury claim.  Many of the tactics I learned were unfair or unfairly applied to everyone.  For example, every injured person is automatically viewed as dishonest from the eyes of a claims adjuster. The rule is “guilty until proven innocent” when it comes to personal injury claims. I felt this just wasn’t fair, so I left and opened my own law firm representing injured people against insurance companies.  Every day I use what I learned as a defense attorney to help people, and this makes me very happy.

I have also worked to help employees recover unpaid overtime, unpaid minimum wage or damages for discrimination against their employer. While working for a big law firm, I realized I was being discriminated against when it came to my attention that male associates with the same or less experience than me were receiving a higher salary. So, I know first hand how terrible it can be to work hard and not be paid fairly for it. One of my favorite things in my law practice is sitting with a client at a case closing meeting when they are finally getting a settlement check for the work they did. This check represents a part of their life they can never get back. When you work with me, you know you have a lawyer who cares.

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