Florida Real Estate Attorney

Florida Real Estate Attorney

Buying or selling a real estate property in Florida can be thrilling, but the process can also be complex. Mistakes in the process may expose you to legal liability, cause delays and unforeseen expenses. Hiring a Florida real estate attorney can guide you through the transaction, protect your best interest, and provide you with peace of mind.

What Can A Florida Real Estate Attorney Do For You?

The role of a real estate attorney is to protect your best interest and make the transaction process easy. Here at Keith Brady Law, our Florida real estate attorney work diligently and closely with buyers and sellers to:

Proof your documents

Real estate agents are looking for ways to make the most out of sales without warning sellers or buyers of future potential problems. Here at Keith Brady Law, our attorney will examine all documents and the precise details of your purchase to ensure there are no loopholes. We'll identify typos, and misspellings on the mortgage documents, title insurance forms, deed, land survey, title, bill of sale, and any other documents about your purchase to help you prevent potential problems.

Meet deadlines

Missing deadlines can affect the deal because each stage of the buying and selling process must be completed within a specific timeframe. Here at Keith Brady Law, we'll ensure that deadlines dates are set and met for inspections, mortgage paperwork, closing, and other required items.

Review special details

Nearly all property has details that require special attention. For instance, a stream or gazebo on the property may cause ownership disputes if the proper owner isn't identified before purchase. We'll also need to evaluate Zoning laws if you plan to build on the property. Our Florida real estate attorney at Keith Brady Law will review all of our clients' projected plans to protect your purchase.

Review and correct the agreement

Our Florida real estate attorney will examine all paperwork to ensure they are correct and fair to the client. We'll review the property agreement to make sure you aren't assuming liability; clarify unclear words; and ensure that the legal report of the property is accurate before you sign anything.

Avoid closing problems 

We can help you identify problems at each stage of the selling and buying process. Our Florida real estate attorney will work with you to solve potential legal issues as soon as they're discovered and help you close the deal to ensure that known real estate issues are addressed and the paperwork is corrected.

Contact Keith Brady Law For Florida Real Estate Attorney

If you plan to buy or sell a real estate property in Florida, the attorney at Keith Brady Law can help you. We can make the property buying, or selling process is smoother and more secure for you.

Our Florida real estate lawyer can help you develop and review documents and contracts about selling and buying real estate property. Call us today at 727-201-7754 to schedule a consultation with our real estate attorney and learn more about our services.

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