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Las Vegas Traffic Court

The state of Nevada is stricter in traffic laws than others. The smallest misdemeanors will attract a charge. Some violations have steeper fines, especially when they are a recurrent habit.

Frequent traffic violations

  • Using the cell phone while driving – 1.6 million people crash every year due to misuse of the phone while on the road.
  • Aggressive driving – The state of Nevada considers the problem to a hazard to other people on the road. The offender will typically attract months in jail and a penalty fee.
  • Reckless driving – This is also a dangerous driving setup that may land you in jail, attract a fee and possible loss of the license.
  • Speeding – Driving over the set speed limit has different charges. Disregarding a speed sign near a school, neighborhood, or highway is a crime that needs the intervention of a defense attorney.

One has three options when they receive a traffic ticket:

Accepting the ticket

You will pay the full penalty and face the consequences such as increased insurance fees and loss of the driving license.

Represent yourself

You will have to shift your schedule around the court dates and hours.

Hire a defense attorney

Garrett T. Otego will represent you and ensure that you do not have to appear in court all the time, unless summoned by the necessary authorities.  You also have the best chance at preventing demerits on the license and skipping the traffic school attendance. One must know how to show up at a Las Vegas traffic court date.

How to show up in court

  • Dress comfortably - Skip the skimpy clothes or clothes with controversial slogans
  • Do not bring foods or drinks in the courtroom.
  • Turn off the cell phone during the hearing or ask for permission if you expect critical interruptions
  • Show up in time to avoid missing your session
  • Be respectful. The judge has little tolerance for an offender with an unpleasant attitude. Consider using logic and good manners if you have to speak up.

What to expect in court

The first appearance in court is known as an arraignment. The judge will ask for a copy of the ticket and ask if you understand the charges against you. Your attorney will interpret the terms and explain the possible penalties. A reasonable attorney will know which plea you should enter and advise accordingly.

The police officer will be early for the hearing. An attorney can gather information about the evidence and witnesses available, to work the details of the defense to support your claims.

A Las Vegas traffic court will have several hearings in a day. Be ready to wait for a couple of hours before you hear the name of your case. The cases follow a chronological order and adjournment applications and guilty pleas will be before the hearings.

The judge may give you a pre-trial if you plead not guilty to the case. The pre-trial includes the attorney, prosecutor, and yourself. The prosecutor will review the evidence and recommend potential penalties. The attorney will negotiate other possible outcomes by presenting additional information. Hiring a Garrett T. Ogata lawyer heightens your chances of a fair hearing or trial.


Las Vegas Traffic Court
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