Making A Will In Bc

Making A Will In Bc

What can a will do for you? Are wills only for the very rich? Will a last will and testament ensure that your property and assets goes to the right people when you die? What about guardianship of your minor children? If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, you'll be very glad to know more about making a will in BC.

A will can do many things. Among the most important are:

  • Avoid delays in the settling of your estate
  • Reduce administrative paperwork at an already difficult time
  • Ensure the private and personal settlement of your estate
  • Provide clear directions for your loved ones
  • Reduce public scrutiny of your personal affairs
  • Providing peace of mind for the rest of your natural life

A properly written last will and testament states precisely what should be done with your real estate, cars, books, valuables and other possessions. Items that hold great sentimental value can be distributed the way that you prefer, but only if you have done more than think about making a will in BC or wherever you are.

Writing a will is the most effective and legal way to ensure that the people, organizations, charities, and affiliations that are important to you benefit from your estate after you pass away. A properly executed last will and testament can also make sure that those closest to you avoid outrageous legal costs in the event of your demise.

Power of attorney

In British Columbia, a person who has been given power of attorney can aid you in making a decision when you are no longer able to take care of your finances. A representation agreement can also ascertain who will make health care and medical decisions for you in case you become unable to do so.

Custody of minor children

If you die before your children are grown, who will take care of them? This is a crucial decision and one not to be made lightly. A will can help you name a guardian of your choosing, provided they agree to raise your kids in the event of your unexpected death. If you die without a will, guardianship of your young children could be appointed by the court without any bearing on your actual wishes.

When selecting a guardian, choose a person whose parenting style is akin to your own. If the person is someone already familiar to and accepted by your kids, even better. We can talk about guardianship when we talk about making your will in BC.

DIY will kits

Although they may seem like an affordable alternative, do-it-yourself will kits are not the best way to go, if you expect your last wishes to be carried out. DIY will kits may not be as comprehensive as a will written by an experienced legal professional.

When you are ready to know more about making a will in BC, please contact Lisa Denham Law Office without delay. Call 250-828-2846 at your earliest convenience.

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