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When a company or individual causes you injury, the law requires you to sue the company or individual. However, in reality, it is the insurance company for the company or individual who is behind the defense of the claim. This means that the person or company you sue, who likely admits fault, will be forced into a lawsuit with you if their insurance company refuses to fairly compensate you for your injuries. This also means that there are unlimited resources available to the defense of your case and this is also is the main reason why you need a lawyer to represent you. You just cannot stand up to a big insurance company on your own and come out on top. The insurance companies will do everything in their power to limit your claim or make it so you are stuck paying your own damages – so the insurance company can keep their money in their bank accounts. If you reach a settlement, the insurance company will be paying it. If you take your case to a jury trial, the insurance company will be paying the jury’s verdict – not the individual or company you were forced to sue. If you feel you need further advice, we are available for a free consultation to discuss your specific situation. Just call us at 713-936-9496