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A woman made a claim against her Underinsured motorist coverage and her insurance carrier refused to pay her claim fairly. The woman had soft tissue injuries only with $53,000.00 in medical bills and the insurance carrier offered only $1,200.00. We obtained a verdict for her of $110,000.00.



A woman with prior back injuries was waiting for traffic to clear on the highway before making a right leaving a gas station. An 18-wheeler pulled up to her left and made a right turn in front of her, clipping her car and dragging her several hundred feet down the highway before stopping. After the accident she had a recommendation for back surgery but she did not want to have surgery. Her total medical bills were $90,000.00



A woman was rear ended by a company truck F350. The company driver said the woman had pulled out in front of him. He denied being tired and working overtime in the weeks before the crash. We pulled his facebook page which proved in the weeks before the accident he posted about how much overtime he was working and his supervisor commented as well. The woman had two neck surgeries after the accident and had $160,000.00 in medical bills.



Three adults were rear ended on the freeway by an 18-wheeler who had lost control behind them on a rainy, wet road. The 18 wheeler driver said it wasn’t his fault because a phantom vehicle had cut him off and then fled the scene. We deposed the driver and obtained testimony that tended to show he was on his cellular device before and during the crash. One claimant had a shoulder surgery. The other two had soft tissue injuries as a result of the crash.



A man swerved to avoid a vehicle pulling in front of him on the feeder. There was not contact between the vehicles but the man hit a curb and destroyed his vehicle trying to avoid the crash. The insurance company for the defendant refused to accept liability. The man only had $3,000.00 in chiropractic treatment. We deposed the driver who pulled out in front of him and found out she was only 18, driving a friend’s Lexus for the first time and that she had no remorse or took no responsibility for the crash. The jury found in our client’s favor and gave him this great verdict.

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